Our Polite Society Type is a project by Our Polite Society, a graphic design studio based in Amsterdam and Stockholm, formed in 2008 by Jens Schildt and Matthias Kreutzer. Early on in our collaboration, we began designing type for specific projects, usually for limited use. Our Polite Society Type is an attempt to finalize some of our favourite designs of the past years and make them available to others.

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The following authors wrote dummy texts for OPS Type:

Jacqueline Schoemaker:
Ghostly, Like Souls Without a Form
(rendered in OPS Restructional Text)

Mark Owens:
Hot For Teacher: Some Notes on Graphic Design and Pedagogy
(rendered in OPS Grotesko)

Paul Gangloff:
Dada Camouflage
(rendered in OPS Capitalis Brutalis)

Experimental Jetset:
(rendered in OPS Kappla)

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Font engineering: Radek Sidun 

We are grateful to the Creative Industries Fund NL for financial support in realizing this project. 

No part of this website may be reproduced without written permission by the authors and Our Polite Society Type.

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Our Polite Society Type
Matthias Kreutzer & Jens Schildt
Amsterdam & Stockholm, February 2017


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